[Mesh] Mermaid Fin! now on Lucky Board   Leave a comment

In SecondLife World, now we can create any rigged mesh items, finally *PDD* provide rigged mesh mermaid tail.

Now on Lucky Board for a while. please come and play with this mermaid costume.




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*PDD* Egg Hunt Now!   Leave a comment

At the new *Pas De Deux* fairy land, Egg hunt event is now occurred .

There are 4 type of fairy dress, named *PDD* Newborn.

They are all set inside an egg.

Oh hint?

Not in the sea, look for carefully at the entrance of every dome.



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*PDD* Mermaid Illusion   Leave a comment

Illusion Blue Illusion DeepBlue Illusion Green Illusion Pink Illusion Purple

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*PDD* Arabian Dress   Leave a comment

I’ve always wanted to make Arabian Dance Costume, and now on!

Arabian blue-panel

Arabian Amethyst-panel

Arabian Emelard-panel

Arabian Ruby-panel

Thank you for coming to my SecondLife Shop 🙂



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*PDD* PINK GOTHIC DRESS   Leave a comment

Long time no see, but one of my friends showed me very nice textile shop, so I was willing to make a new fancy dress.

2013 PinkBlack-panel

There is a color variation.

2013 BlueBlack-panel

2013 GreenBlack-panel


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New Outfit, *PDD* Jewelry Girl Black   Leave a comment



New outfits are presented from *PDD*.

This outfits is inspired from *PDD* Diamond Girl costume 🙂



Hair — *BC322 Rainbow cotton Pink
Earring & Necklace — ::Cocoon:: NerineBL
Costume — *PDD* Jewelry Girl Black
Photo at — Mermaid Temple




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LBにセットしました *PDD* Diamond Girl is set as a new LB   Leave a comment

3日間のOGASAWARA Coin Hunt 無事終了しましたけど、期間が短かったので、その後、うちのLBに設置しなおしました。

OGASAWARA Hunt で手に入れられた方、希少価値でなくって、ごめんなさい^^; 早く手に入れられた、ということで許してください

Though the OGASAWARA Coin Hunt was over, it was very short period so I set that fairy outfit as my new Lucky Board at main shop.

I hope you who got the same thing from the hunt won’t be angry, please forgive me cos you were the first customer . 🙂


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